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Every successful company knows the power of advertising and value of Promotional umbrellas and Canopies. Our products range includes Two Fold Automatic Open Umbrella, Two Fold Automatic Umbrella, Three Fold Manual Open Umbrella, Square Wooden Umbrella, Square Shape Promotional Umbrella, Promotional Umbrella, Promotional Garden Umbrella, Promotional Patio Umbrella, Promotional Canopies, Promotional Foldable Display Stall, Promotional Display Canopies, Hut Shaped Canopies, Promotional Display Canopy, Promoter Counter And Table, Shikar Tents, Pergola Tent, Massage Tent, Designer Luxury Tent, Wind-Proof Umbrella, Canvas Umbrella, Lamp Umbrella, Polyester Rain Jacket, Promotional Tent, Scissor Tent and Rubberized Rain Coat. Promotional umbrellas or corporate promotional umbrellas and tents are ideal for exhibitions, conferences, golfing events, corporate events and trade shows. Our promotional printed umbrellas guarantee that your event or business will not be forgotten when the dust settles. Most promotional material or free gifts get thrown away after the event or stored in a closet somewhere and become forgotten. We offer you a way to keep your company name or logo visible and at the forefront of everyones mind with a range of umbrellas. Promotional umbrellas are still one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business in todays ever evolving and expensive advertising circles. We make them at highly competitive rates. Also we do not compromise on Quality. We will make a concentrated effort to provide goods according to your requirement. "We are a leading Exporter and we are looking for Overseas queries mainly from Europe, Africa & Dubai.

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